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Fregata Restaurant & Lounge Funny TV Commercial

Salsa Night, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Reggae…

Bachata Fiesta Fridays. The BEST Bachata Merengue Mix in the WEST Every Friday Night…more info

Saturday Night Fever, Old School, Oldies, Latino Music…

In the month of March 2019 FREGATA is celebraing its 25th Year!!!

Fregata Lounge and Restaurant is truly in a class of its own. Over the 21 years, it has successfully managed to provide the finest, elegant dining atmosphere, combined with spectacular dance party. You and your friends can savor the most exquisite dishes by the candlelight, after you will be drawn to the dance floor powered by the heart stopping sound system, and filled with the best music anywhere. Indeed Fregata Lounge and Restaurant gives you the best of both worlds.

Fregata Lounge and Restaurant is a five star restaurant and the most unforgettable lounge in North America. Come and experience the best-kept secret.

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And so the summer begins~! What adventures will the pups have next? 😀

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2019[Event 2019] Mid-Pacific Hoolaulea

Ill be participating in this yearsMid-Pacific Institute HoolauleaonMarch 15th! The school campus will be open to the public and you can find our table in front ofBakken Auditorium.

2445 Kaala Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-2299

PermalinkPosted by Audra Furuichi on March 5, 2019 9:46 AM

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Botcha means to take a bath. Anpan discovers the botcha machine here:

To be explained in the next update! XD…

haaa…haaa. this is indeed great i love the way you portrait your characters. …

Hang on…the pupsh can speak underwater? Kewl….

nicely made and quite drawn simply. Expressions are funny looking forward to your other comic as wel…

You can practically see them wiggle. XD…

Cool Web Comics but not all are kid friendly!

and our telescopes dont have the kind of rolutionhat coultell us in detail wan exopleilike. Also

Heres what it would take to survive this particular doomsday prophecy

Living on Mars would arguably be harder than fixing up our own planet.

Stephen Hawkingis making apocalyptic predictions again. The respected theoretical physicist warns that humanity needs to become aif we dont want to go st year, he prophesiedthat we had maybe 1,000 years left on Earth, and the inspiration for this newly-urgent timeline is unclearexcept for the fact that Hawkings new documentary aboutcolonizing Marsis coming out soon.

To be sure, Earth is facing some big problems, includingclimate change, overpopulation, epidemics, and asteroid strikes. But before we flee this planet like an action hero jumping out of an explosion, lets think about this for a second. Sure, itd be great to have a backup civilization somewhere in case asteroids wipe out all life on Earth. And it would be one of the most exciting things humankind has ever done. But what would it actually require?

Mars is a somewhat obvious choice because its nearby, but its not exactlyEarth 2.0. In fact, its arguably a lot worse off than Earth. It has toxic soil, its freezing cold, and the air is unbreathable. Any Martian colony would likely rely on regular care packages from home, which would not work well if Earth was done-zo.

If we really want to find the perfect home away from home, we could look to other star systems: with billions of planets in the Milky Way, theres a good chance some will have water, land, and breathable air. But so far we havent found Earths twin, and our telescopes dont have the kind of resolution that could tell us in detail what an exoplanet is like. Also, it would takehundreds of yearsto get there, and if those passengers dont die along the way, theyd likely evolve into a new species before they even got to their new planet.

We would need to send significant numbers of people to other worlds in order to ensure the survival of the human species. Small colonies are subject to genetic anomalies from inbreeding, and vulnerable to getting wiped out in accidents.

NASAs missions to Mars will likely only carry as many as six people at a time to the red planet. SpaceX wants to develop anInterplanetary Transport Systemto deliver 100 Martian settlers at a time, but at the moment it is nothing more than an imaginary behemoth.

Theinterstellar routeis even more challenging, because we dont even have animaginaryspacecraft capable of supporting thousands of people for hundreds of years on an interstellar journey.

And in either case, theres always the politically charged question of: who goes and who stays? Do poor and disadvantaged people get left behind on a hellish world?

If we really want to thrive on another planet, well probably have to adapt the environment to suit our needs. Sure, we might be able toterraform Mars, but it would take about 100,000 years for its atmosphere to become breathable. Hope youre not in a rush to go outdoors without a gas mask anytime soon.

NASAs Journey to Mars is expected to cost up to$1.5 trillion. And thats just for the first crews. Later on, launches bringing settlers and supplies to the colony would probably still cost hundreds of millions of dollars each.

And SpaceXs plan to build the Interplanetary Transport System sounds great, but CEO Elon Musk has been very open about saying the company has no idea how it would pay for such a vessel.

And exactly whowouldpay to colonize Mars? Why would the U.S. government spend all that money to sustain a colony? What would we get out of it, besides better chances for the survival of our species? Will the Martian colony produce valuable exports, besides the (obviously awesome) scientific discoveries that would come out of it?

Surely there are a few wealthy Earthlings willing to pay millions of dollars each for a ride to and a habitat on an alien world, but the majority of folks who want to go to the red planet hope to come home afterwards.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. Even if we do successfully colonize another planet, well still have to solve all the problems that Earth currently faces. Our technologies are just as likely to destroy the environment on other planets, and epidemics and asteroids could wipe out a Martian settlement much easier than they could obliterate the entire population of Earth.

The television show that Stephen Hawking is promoting is all about how human ingenuity is solving the challenges of colonizing Mars. Well, surely if we can figure out how to survive on a completely alien world, then we can figure out how to survive in our own homepossibly a lot more easily and cheaply than the alternative.

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NASA has been understandably stingy with the last of its pristine samples.

Researchers hoped that future generations would be able to use more advanced technologies and leverage a better understanding of the geology and chemistry of Earths

The sad reason part of the Mars Rovers last image is black and white

The rover took the shot, but never had the chance to send it back to earth.

What a strawberry moon? What is a blood moon? What is going on with my moon?

Blue moons, strawberry moons, supermoons. For some reason your news aggregation algorithm of choice thinks you

want to know all about these moons.

NASA is using space lasers to measure trees on Earth

The new system onboard the International Space Station will help scientists gauge how much carbon is stored in forests.

Forests store planet-heating carbon dioxide, but measuring how much can be challenging. NASA scientists have developed the technology to use lasers from space to help

How to digitize all your VHS and cassette tapes

If your media collection stretches back before the digital age then you might be wondering how you can get all your older VHS and cassette tapes upgraded into formats

A brief hissstory of places snakes wont go

Snakes are sneaky. In their 150 million-odd years on this planet, theyve managed to slither their way into most corners of the world. But Saint Patrick cant take

Teslas long-awaited Model Y electric SUV arrives next year, but youll have to wait for the $39,000 version

There are four models to choose from, all of which borrow heavily from the Model 3.

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After his name was called out

You are using an older browser version. Please use asupported versionfor the best MSN experience.

Prince Hisahito graduates from elementary school in Tokyo

Provided by The Asahi Shimbun AJW

Provided by The Asahi Shimbun AJW

With a smile and a message about teamwork, Prince Hisahito, third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne, graduated from Ochanomizu University Elementary School in Tokyo on March 15.

Hisahito, 12, the son of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko and the only grandson of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, will enter Ochanomizu University Junior High School in April.

Fumihito, the younger brother of Crown Prince Naruhito, and Kiko attended the graduation ceremony in Bunkyo Ward.

After his name was called out, Hisahito said in a strong voice, Yes, sir, and accepted his certificate.

When he was being congratulated by reporters, the young prince said, Thank you very much, while smiling together with his parents.

The Imperial Household Agency on the same day disclosed that Hisahito had written, Human beings are living in the world of nature, as his graduation message that carried his signature.

The agency also released details of his essay titled, Six years at Ochasho, using the shortened name for the school.

In the essay, Hisahito mentioned the importance of working in a group, keeping pace with everyone else and collaborating with each other.

He wrote that he researched the histories and locally produced items of cities, towns and villages in Tokyo.

I found out the importance of explaining things clearly by listening to my friends presentations and having discussions, he wrote.

Hisahito concluded the essay with, From now on, I want to continue living my life while valuing what I am interested in.

Fumihito and Kiko jointly released a statement to mark their sons graduation: We think that (he) had a happy and fulfilling school life while being blessed with excellent friends and teachers.

Zero chance of Futenma base being returned by fiscal 2022

Students march in Tokyo as part of global stand on climate woes

Robotic caretakers to make debut at Tokyo Olympics

When Scott Roewer

Bar tools? A great mattress? How many of these adulting necessities do you have?

When Scott Roewer, founder of the Organizing Agency, finished his masters in education in 2000, his parents asked him what he wanted as a graduation gift.

I wanted to feel like an adult, so I asked for really nice silverware, he said. Not actual silver, but I wanted nice utensils and I wanted nice plates and I wanted real dishes. I didnt want something pieced together.

His parents got him Dansk utensils from Pottery Barn. Roewer, now 45, still uses the same set. Quality flatware, he said a set that doesnt require polishing and has a sturdy feel and tips that dont bend is one of those investments that can make a person feel more grown up.

Skip the bar for St. Pats and opt for some Mischief

Get ready to line up for the REI Garage Sale

5 organizing tools to bring out your inner Marie Kondo

Get $3.14 pizza at Pagliacci for Pi Day

Could Playboy wine be any good? Yes.

5 easy additions to heat up your spring wardrobe

We asked Roewer and other experts for more ways to upgrade to a bona fide adult home. Here are their top picks.

Vodka and cranberry juice may have cut it in college, but party hosts should learn to make a proper cocktail, said Jaye Langmaid, 33, owner of the D.C. design firm and home store Hudson & Crane. The basic tools to start which include a muddler, shaker, jigger, mixing glass and bar spoon are a great foundation, he wrote in an email.

Langmaid said he uses his personal bar for himself and when he has people over: Its a great way to entertain guests and keep things exciting.

Roewer also recommended buying a set of wineglasses that arent made of thin glass.

Go take a wine-tasting class [and] understand how wine should taste, Roewer said. And then enjoy a nice set of wineglasses that are either for red or for white. And then find a really good-quality bottle opener that youre going to enjoy.

You spend practically half your life on your mattress, so its something you should spend real money on (and buy brand new), Langmaid said.

If you are on the same mattress that youve had since you left home for college, its time to upgrade, he said. Its time to get the piece that is made for you, that you sleep well on Everybody needs a great mattress.

Mattress preferences vary from person to person. Langmaid said he likes a bed that will swallow him up, while others might prefer firm support. The key, he says, is to go to a store, rather than shopping online, and try them out.

He cautions buying a cheap mattress because it should last for at least 10 years, but one way to alleviate any financial burden is to opt for financing or a payment plan.

He said a high-quality mattress was the first real piece of furniture he bought after graduating college, and although he uses it for guests now, it has lasted him all this time.

Its the best piece of furniture I own still, he said.

Its wise to invest in furniture made of hardwood rather than particle board, Roewer said. If hardwood isnt an option, solid wood veneers are better than laminate.

If youre trying to adult, that means were going to be a little bit more established while putting roots down, he said. And we want to have things that are going to last us for a period of time in our new space.

Make sure drawers extend fully and glide smoothly, he said. You can also look for drawers with dovetail construction, because corners bound by staples or glue can come undone after time.

Where to find quality furniture on a budget? Roewers top picks include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor. He also likes checking auction houses and antique malls.

Everybody streams music these days, but not everybody has good speakers to play that music, Roewer said.

He loves the Sonos brand of wireless speakers and has them throughout his home; sometimes hell group them together in one space if he has guests over. They can all be controlled with one remote.

I have Scissor Sisters playing in every room while cleaning, he said.

When youre in your 30s and you have people over and they open your drawer and its a hot mess, it kind of is a reflection I think on just you in general how you keep your home, says Meg Biram, 35, a D.C.-based lifestyle blogger. She recommends investing in containers to organize your closets and drawers.

If you have everything piled into one closet but its not well-organized with containers and hangers and dividers, then it can just be a nightmare every day trying to find stuff, she said.

She said shes organized her shoes with tools from the Container Store. If your budget doesnt allow for store-bought accessories, she suggests small shoe boxes to help organize drawers. She uses these to organize garments by type hiking socks vs. athletic, for example.

Everybody needs a good vacuum, Langmaid said. You need to spend at least $100 on a vacuum that suits your needs, he said. And you need to use it regularly.

The Dyson Animal Stick Vac V8 is a hefty investment at $350 but worth every penny, Biram said. When she and her husband married several years ago, they got a $70 vacuum from their wedding registry. It lasted about a year before they replaced it with another vacuum for less than $100.

We realized that buying vacuums under $100 was the problem that we need to invest in something really good, she said.

So they recently upgraded to the stick vacuum. Theres no cord, so you can basically quickly clean your whole house [and] the floors really fast, she said. Thats probably one of my favorite items that we have.